All About LED Toys

All About LED Light Up Gloves

All About LED Light Up Gloves 0

These are the toys that are all the rave for teenagers. In dance halls and other party environments frequented by kids, these light emitting gloves are “must-haves.”  The gloves glow in the dark and enrich the party atmosphere.  The trend has transferred to pre-teens, tweens, and children, using them in creative ways only kids can imagine.  Because adolescence is
  • Yanique Thorman
LED Lights in Toys

LED Lights in Toys 0

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is a semiconductor that glows when an electric current runs through it. Although LEDs have a variety of uses indoors and outdoors, in the toy industry, they are used to create products that give off light. Most LED lights are powered by batteries that are placed within the toy. The low voltage ensures that there is no risk 
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LED Light Gloves Can Soothe Kids with Autism

LED Light Gloves Can Soothe Kids with Autism 0

Lighting has a profound effect on how we experience our surroundings. Think about how the ambiance of a candlelit restaurant or the harsh light of fluorescent tubes in an office affects your mood, and you have an idea of how important lighting can be. For boys and girls who are on the autism spectrum, the impact of lighting on mood and concentration may be even more intense. Researchers and neurologists often describe autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in terms of sensory processing; children who have autism and can articulate their state of mind agree, citing sensory overload as a frequent challenge. 
  • Yanique Thorman