The Noodley is a US company proudly located in beautiful Belmont, North Carolina.  Our mission is to provide innovative and fun toys to engage children of all ages to promote an active lifestyle.
We launched our child size LED Light Up Gloves in early 2016 and quickly discovered  how much kids love them.  We were surprised to learn how many different ways kids found to use them in games, at birthday parties, and just because they are fascinated by pretty much anything that lights up!! 
Our focus remains on kids toys that make great gifts.  We want our parent and grandparent customers to feel confident they are giving a gift kids love, and at the same time feel good giving something other than the typical brain melting electronics. We are continuing our journey and always looking for great products to get kids active.  
 The founders Chris and Yanique grew up in the 1980's when play meant going outside and hanging in the neighborhood with friends.  We hope our products will inspire kids to use their imaginations to make their own fun.
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