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There is a strange glow coming from my children’s bedroom shifting softly through a rainbow of colors. And in roughly 10 minutes the glow will be extinguished, leaving my children snoring contentedly in a dark room. The source of the light is The Noodley LED Rainbow Teddy Bear, my best pal in the battle of bedtime.  

My two boys have a difficult relationship with the dark. Which is to say it freaks them out. And I get it. Everything they’ve ever read or seen seems to confirm to them that the dark is populated by monsters and scary creatures. That’s why, every night before bed, for at least the last two years, we engage in an illumination negotiation: “Can you leave the hallways light on? Can you keep the hallway light off and the bathroom light on? Can we plug the nightlight back in? Can we put a brighter bulb in the lamp?”

I know having lights on isn’t the best solution. It’s not great for getting the boys to sleep and it’s not great for keeping them asleep when they do finally shut their eyes. It’s also against my ethos of conserving electricity. Still, I’ve been open for solutions.

We’ve tried special night lights that project scene on the ceiling. We’ve tried smart bulbs that change color and plastic glowing orbs. But none of these lights have done much to curb my kids unrelenting desire for comforting light. But then, I was given the opportunity to introduce them to The Noodley LED Rainbow Teddy Bear. 

The Noodley has a history of LED-embedded kid-stuff. Most notably, they sell light-up gloves and hats, which essentially turn any room in the home into an instant nightclub. Their plush rainbow striped Teddy Bear is a bit of a departure though no less nifty.

Press it’s paw once and the bear’s body lights up from the inside with a constellation of soft, red-glowing LED lights. Press the paw twice and the lights slowly cycle through a rainbows worth of colors. Interestingly, the addition of the lights makes the bear no less cuddly. And it is fantastically cuddly. Not only does it have just the right “squish,” but the furry fabric is also cool and soft to the touch.

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Because my kids have a tendency to share a bed, the teddy bear was an instant hit. The first night they set it between them and drifted off to sleep very quickly. There was no discussion about light because they held the illumination between them.

Even after I assumed the novelty would wear off The Noodley bear continued to provide the perfect nightlight for my kids. And as a bonus for my peace of mind, an internal timer stops turns off the LEDs after 10-minutes, leaving the children in a dark room optimized for sleep.

I’ve been wildly impressed with the bears durability as well and so have other parents that have used it. The bedroom of a little kid is no easy place for a stuffed animal. But the LED bear has remained intact and glowing night after night.

In short, if you have kids who can’t sleep without lights or stuffed animals, consider this psychedelic stuffed animal. It’s a nice friend for kids to have in the darkness.