LED Lights in Toys

LED Lights in Toys

LED Lights in Toys

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This is a semiconductor that glows when an electric current runs through it. Although LEDs have a variety of uses indoors and outdoors, in the toy industry, they are used to create products that give off light. Most LED lights are powered by batteries that are placed within the toy. The low voltage ensures that there is no risk of electric shock or fire as children play with the toys. The light given out can come in various intensities and multiple hues and create many vibrant colors.

 Why should the light be considered an integral part of a toy? Well, a trader wants a product that will attract the customer and light is a powerful lure that appeals directly to the sense of sight. When you combine light and color in a product, you create stimuli that most children will not resist. Various light up toys with LED lights will, therefore, form a winning combination.

 Furthermore, the lights can be adjusted to produce a flashing, constant light, or soothing array of changing colors. Imagine the joy a toy police truck will give a child if it incorporates a wailing siren and flashing strobe lights, or the calming effect of a rainbow of color slowly fading in and out.  LED lights in a toy can, therefore, increase the mimicking of reality, thus providing more fun and relaxation.

 Depending on the age of the child, the outer cover can vary from soft, cuddly light toys such as dolls to hard plastic alternatives such as toy trucks. The former light toy would be suitable for young children while the latter is more suited for children in elementary school.

 LED light toys might not be appropriate for small babies, but they are bound to give lots of fun to children over the age of two.

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