All About LED Light Up Gloves

All About LED Light Up Gloves

All About LED Light Up Gloves

These are the toys that are all the rave for teenagers. In dance halls and other party environments frequented by kids, these light emitting gloves are “must-haves.”  The gloves glow in the dark and enrich the party atmosphere.  The trend has transferred to pre-teens, tweens, and children, using them in creative ways only kids can imagine.  Because adolescence is normally marked by the copying behavior, this gift light toy will have your child glowing.  After all, it is part of those image-related items that kids will regard as cool. Light, especially the colored type is fun, exciting and is associated with youth. If you add movement to it, children and teenagers will love it. This article will help you understand what features are available in light up gloves and how to properly care for them in to help you choose the best gift for your child or teen.

These fun gloves come in different sizes, and you will need to know the appropriate one to secure a snug fit for your child. This is important if you are to give a gift that can be used. Some glove sizes are for adults.  Check carefully for the size stated and measurements for the best fit.

LED Light up gloves are made in typical glove materials such as stretch cotton and sometimes in canvas like work gloves.  Choose a material that is comfortable to wear.  To appeal to different genders, the glove itself can come in various colors such as pink, white, purple, and most commonly black. 

The lights are not all created equal.  Some gloves have 3 LEDs in each finger where the fingers are white material so the lights shine through brightly.  Other gloves only have 1 LED light per finger in the fingertip which are not as colorful.  The single LED gloves are used more commonly with ravers that do hand tricks to create light trails.  Other popular styles are the skeleton glove and the all white glove loaded with 5 different LED colors.

LED lights also come in different colors.  The most common combination is red, green, and blue.  Depending on the order placed in the finger, these three colors can create other color combinations such as purple and yellow.   The red, green, and blue lights are typically found in the black gloves, and in the pink and purple color gloves the LED Lights can be a more pastel combination such as pink, orange, and green.  There are many color choices that can create style, match to a costume, or simply a favorite color.

Operation of the lights is by an accessible switch that is hidden inside the glove cuff for ease of use. This button is also responsible for changing between the available light modes.  Most typically there are multiple light modes such as flashing strobe lights, solid light, and soothing slow color changing lights. 

Proper care should be exercised to ensure a long life.  A liner hides the wires, battery pack and LEDs running through the gloves.  As they operate on coin button batteries (CR2016, CR2032) immersing the gloves in water will ruin them. Your best bet is to spot clean.  It is recommended that you use the gloves as per the instructions that come with them. If you force large hands into small gloves, you are bound to damage the electronics system or fabric.  The best way to safely remove the gloves is by inserting your thumb under the cuff to push it up to the middle of the palm, and then pull off by the fingertips.  This will help ensure kids will be able to enjoy them for a long time.

LED light toys are a great gift choice for kids.  Kids find many creative ways to play with them and with various sizes and colors there is sure to be a choice that’s an instant hit with your child. 

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