10 Reasons to bring LED gloves on your next camping trip

10 Reasons to bring LED gloves on your next camping trip

Kids love to go camping, but some can get scared when the darkness of night falls.  Having a personal light source can give kids a feeling a security, and even take their minds of any scary noises.  Try taking some LED gloves on your next camping trip and you might be surprised at all the things the kids find to do with them.  Here are our top reasons to bring a pair

1. Play light-up games. Used in combination with other light up toys like an LED football or frisbee, the whole family can have fun way past the day light hours. .

2. Create light shows and finger light trails. 

3. Go on nighttime hikes, easy to spot children if they wander off in the darkness

4.  Make shadow puppets: Use the lighted fingers  to make shadow puppets on the tent walls. Kids can try to guess what each other is making.

5.  Have a lighted dance contest.  Add light up hats and shoelaces for a full on Blue Man Group like show.

6. Find your way around the campground in the dark 

7. Provides a personal light source in the middle of the night

8.  The LED colored lights can help kids fall asleep watching the soothing colors.

9. Gather around the campfire and tell ghost stories. Make your face scary with the flashing lights.

10.  And our top ten reason:  Light your way to the bathroom!


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  • Yanique Thorman
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